fredag 1 maj 2015

thoughts on a thursday night

It's ironic, rediculous and sad but true.  Best thing I've read in a long while!
(Jag kommer endast skriva på engelska så de flesta kan förstå...)
Sometimes I just want to delete every account on social media, sell my iPhone, buy an old nokia or something similar, start eating only organic food and using only organic products. What has this world come to when we really think about it? I can't be thankful enough that I was born just in time to not have to grow up in the iPhone/iPad/computer/processed food-era, wouldn't give up my childhood for anything in the world. We didn't have a computer until I was in 4th/5th grade (actually we did have one when I was a kid for some time, but it had no internet and just one game. I use to play that game maybe a few times per month), we only had a "home-phone" (I knew all my friends home-phonenumbers by heart) and the television had one or two channels that I used to watch. Basically I just watched one show, Bolibompa, that used to come on every night at 7pm. When friends came over we used to play with barbies, play with "ourselves" creating imaginary worlds and coming up with stories, run around outside, bake, come up with small competitions, go sledding, skiing, swimming, running, climbing in trees, playing in nature. We never sat inside staring at screens and being in the same room but completely disconnected from each other (well not until I became older and all these gadgets came into our lives).

Ofcourse, back then I was a kid and things were different from when I was in my teens or now that I'm becoming an adult. I think people would find me a bit strange now if I suggested we played with dolls or competed in who could drink a glass of milk in the shortest amount of time. But my point is, the sole purpose of all these things (social media, iPhones, iPads, computers blabla) is to connect people, bring us closer, make us more aware of each other's lives and thereby help us stay in touch. One one side of the coin, that is what we get. You would have no idea about what I'm doing here in the US if I wouldn't be writing this blog or posting on instagram/facebook, unless you'd actually reach out and ask me. It also makes it a lot easier for me to see what people are doing back home and if things are changing. Through whatsapp/snapchat I can keep in touch with all my friends from home, I can keep them close even though they're far away. But then there's the other side of the coin. Sometimes I feel that all of this is driving us apart. Having all these different types of social media also makes it easier for us to NOT keep in touch. I mean, you already know what I did last weekend judging from the picture I posted on instagram or the blogpost I wrote. WHY on earth would you have to actually reach out and write me a text asking how I'm doing? Even though we would only be a few miles away, we don't even need to talk anymore because we can just write each other everything we'd like to say in the comfort of our own houses. It feels like we are watching each other from a distance, judging based on the polished surface a.k.a. social media and creating this illusion that we still know each other and care about how we the other one is doing - without actually talking, reaching out to each other, without actually making any personal contact. 

It is so friggin' easy to create this illusion of our own lives on social media, making other people believe we are living this amazing life without any struggles worth mentioning. Use a certain kind of filter, happy emojis and hashtags such as #lovinglife and voilá; every person looking at the your ig-account is thinking wow she's really enjoying her life, I want to be as happy, why is her life so easy?. We can post pictures of our new nike-shoes, our green smoothies, the new brand-watch we just bought, a happy post-workout selfie and just make life seem so much easier than it actually is. But life is not easy at all. Life is fucking emotinal rollercoaster that never stops. Real life is not chaimochagingerlattes, beaches and palmtrees, new bikinis, lipsticks and hearteye-emojis. But nobody sees the struggles, the feelings of hopelessness, the self-doubt. Hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as "the perfect life", even though instagram might make that utopian thought seem possible. Every single person has pros and cons in their life; no matter how rich, what race, what age and what number is on the scale. It all comes down to how we handle the cons. But on social media it's way too easy to erase the cons. Because we can't put down our feelings in a picture with a caption and emojis and hashtags. Everything is so beautified that even pain and sadness can be twisted into something beautiful and diserable.

I kind of went off on a little sidetrack there and this blogpost is a hot mess, but I think you got my point. To be honest with you guys: I'm not going to delete all my social media accounts. I'm probably not going to stop writing this blog or trading my iPhone for a nokia. I'm not going to eat and use only organic products. Because I am simply too dependent. It's sad but true. I depend a lot on this little symbol on the top of my screen called a wifi-signal. But sometimes it's healthy to reflect and set your priorities straight, think about what is actually important and what makes us truly happy. Truth is, spending quality time with a dear friend will make us a hell lot happier than posting a picture of our new Victoria's secrets perfumes on instagram and recieving all those likes. It's so freaking rediculous and pointless when you really start thinking about it.

I still want to say thank god for my childhood, for where and when I grew up and how I was raised. Thank god none of these things were a part of my life as a kid. Thing is, I'm only 20 years old. If I have kids, what are they going to remember from their childhood? If all of these things have developed over a period of about 10 years, what is next for us? How can we take this further and do we even want to?

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