tisdag 26 maj 2015


Har åter igen haft en dunderbra helg! Eller vecka snarare. Bodde hos Linn från onsdag kväll tills igår. Helgen innehöll som sagt ett besök till Coney Island tillsammans med Karin och Debbie. För er som inte vet är Coney Island ett nöjesfält/en strand/boardwalk som ligger längst ut mot Atlanten i stadsdelen Brooklyn. Har för mig att det var väldigt populärt förr i tiden och många New Yorkare rymde undan sommarhettan i stan och tog sig hit. Nöjesfältet är inte så stort och känns lite gammaldags, men jag tycker att det ger stället en autentiskt känsla! Boardwalken har också en pier varifrån man har fin utsikt. Värt ett besök!

Once again I've had an amazing weekend! Or should I say week... I stayed at Linn's place from Wednesday night until yesterday. As I mentioned before, during the weekend we went to Coney Island with Karin and Debbie. For those of you who haven't heard about the place it's an amusement park/beach/boardwalk located on the east end of the borough of Brooklyn. If I have my facts right, it was a very popular place to visit a while ago and a lot of New Yorkers escaped the summerheat and went here. The amusement park in itself isn't very big and almost feels "vintage", but I think it gives the place an authentic feeling! The boardwalk also has a pier with a pretty nice view. Worth a visit!

The only ride we went on was the Wonder Wheel... they also had this awesome parachute-thing similar to a bungy jump but I think I was the only one excited about that one...

"Danger", haha...

Debbie and my burger. We ate at legendary "Nathan's"... huge freaking dissapointment. Every burger I've ever had at McDonald's have been better than this one. Not to mention I had to go get a new one the first time because that one was completely cold. Yuck. Never again.

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