söndag 12 oktober 2014

Friday night

Igår (fredag) var jag och några tjejkompisar till Middletown på kvällen. Vi åkte till shoppingcentret, åt kinamat och sen såg vi filmen "Addicted". Trevlig kväll! Idag har jag varit i NYC och Queens hela dagen... umgåtts med Alice och Isabelle (f.d. skolkamrater) samt Linn. Men mer om det imorgon, hade kameran med mig så ni ska få lite bilder. Godnatt människor, imorgon ska jag äntligen få sova längre... halleluja.

Yesterday (Friday), me and some friends spent the evening in Middletown. We went to the mall, ate some chinese food and later on we saw the movie "Addicted". It was a nice evening! Today I've been in NYC (and the Queens) all day... been hanging out with Alice and Isabelle (friends from home), and Linn. But more about that tomorrow, I brought my camera with me so I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Goodnight folks, tomorrow I'm actually going to be able to sleep longer... hallelujah.

My outfit from yesterday... I was probably the only one in the state of New York to wear a skirt and bare legs but come on, I'm from Finland, what do you expect me to do. It was like 15 degrees celsius, that's practically a summernight where I come from. No but seriously, judging from the weather in NYC today, I'd say my bare-legged-skirt-days are coming to an end. Someday soon. But I'll tell you, I'm gonna sport bare legs as long as I can, at home thats a luxury I get to enjoy like a month a year. Two if I'm extremely lucky.

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