fredag 17 oktober 2014

Back on track

Nu är jag tillbaka igen! Har tagit mig ur min lilla grop av sjölvömkan. Vädret har ordnat upp sig också, 21 grader och solsken. Ibland är det så jobbig att ha en "väderpersonlighet", jag påverkas så jäkla mycket av om vädret är bra eller dåligt... Idag är det fredag i alla fall och det känns ju rätt så bra. Linn är påväg hit snart och ikväll ska vi se bio, imorgon ska vi ut och gå i bergen... längtar! På söndag har jag inga planer för oss än men det lär väl kluras ut. Glad fredag på er alla!

I'm back again! I got up from my little hole of self-pity haha... The weather is also back on track again. 21 degrees celsius and sunshine, just the way I like it. Sometimes is tough to have a "weather-personality", the changes in weather affect me a lot. Today is friday and that feels pretty good. Linn is on her way here soon and tonight we are going to the movies, tomorrow we're gonna go hiking in the mountains... looking forward to that! I don't have any plans for sunday yet but I guess we'll figure that out during the weekend. Happy friday folks, enjoy!

Taking "nice pictures" with this little man is not as easy as it sounds haha... He's cute though <3

Jake is always talking about these munchkins and in honour of Friday I figured we could go get some... Not that special, it's more like a ball of donut-dough haha. I found one that I liked, can you guess the flavour? Pumpkin ofcourse... ;)

For the record, even though I post pics of food (okay, treats most of the time...), it doesn't mean I eat like crap all the time. I also workout a lot so I haven't gained 10kg even if my pics might give you that impression haha... Most of the time I actually eat healthy food.

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