torsdag 12 april 2012


Har nyss kollat det sista PLL-avsnittet... ingen överraskning direkt, eftersom jag fick veta vem A var för typ 3-4 veckor sen, haha. Har gillat PLL-sidan på facebook och där stod såklart allting, dagen efter avsnittet kom ut... naaajs. Men bara 54 dagar kvar tills season 3 börjar!

Nu ska jag iallafall se på The Lying Game... wohoo, vilken intressant torsdagskväll :D Men det blir ju såhär när jag inte kan träna...

season 3!

So lets bring on the clues and what season 3 will hold...

The black swan will be identified.
Emily has a reason to be extremely shocked and confused.
A is going to get bigger, better... and meaner.
Caleb Rivers is going to play a key role next season.
Jenna can see, the liars better watch their backs.
Maya, is she really dead?
Aria's upset, could it be to do with fear or her romance? or maybe both?
Mona is going to become a regular next season, what is she up to?
A leaves more notes than the last two seasons.
The red jacket unleashes more secrets and spooky discoveries.
Hanna and Spencer get angry at someone, but why?
Spencer and Toby's romance goes to the next level.
Spencer overlooked an essential clue in A's lair in the season 2 finale.
More names will be added to the suspect list.
We get to meet Caleb's mom!
Melissa has her baby!... if that is, she is real pregnant?

Spännande, spännande! :D

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